EaziCare telehealth is a product of Kihmarl Services Limited. Kihmarl Services Limited was founded in January 2018 with a passion to stem the tide of avoidable high mortality rate of diseases wrecking the society, especially in Nigeria and Africa at large, through an accessible, simple and affordable telehealth solutions.

We understand the complexity of our healthcare delivery system, the importance of reducing healthcare cost while providing world standard solutions to manage acute and chronic diseases, maintaining provider autonomy and patient accountability.

EaziCare offers an effective, efficient and forward-thinking solutions to the various healthcare challenges in Nigeria through telehealth services which include but not limited to video consultations with doctors, diagnosis, ePrescriptions, treatment, second medical opinion, medication purchase, Laboratory tests, electronic health monitoring and recording, health calendars, referrals. health analysis and health education on EaziCare mobile App.

EaziCare App is a digital health platform that aggregates the best hospitals and their doctors having expertise in various specializations to provide on-demand healthcare services.

We are confident EaziCare telehealth services will help your patients’ make the best health decisions, meet their medical needs, promote a healthier lifestyle, improve productivity and work/life balance, satisfaction and happiness, reduce the time and money spent traveling and queuing in the hospital to see a doctor for minor complaints. Boosting your hospital’s profile, productivity, profitability as well as improving your patients’ socio-economic status.

We are focused on bringing trusted, reputable and high-quality hospitals into the digital space.